Digital spare parts planning.

SpareX enables companies to optimize spare parts availability and investment in inventory. Improve your forecast accuracy using sophisticated forecasting algorithms that leverage machine learning, artificial intelligence, and multiple demand signals. Set accurate target stock levels across a multi echelon network that will support your SLAs with optimized inventory. But it does not stop there, get automated root cause analytics and KPI tracking to ensure that there is a closed loop corrective action when there is a missed shipment or other failure in the network.

Reduce customer pain by improving spare part availability

Optimize part availability and inventory investment

Plan your entire network

SpareX enables you to improve your forecast accuracy leveraging the latest technology and set accurate target stock levels across your entire multi echelon network.

  • Leverage multiple demand signals and machine learning to gain a forward-looking view of your business
  • Utilize install base data and failure rates to maximize part availability while minimizing inventory investment
  • Prioritize exceptions and alerts for enhanced planner productivity
  • Maximize repair utilization to minimize new buy spend

Address service chain performance gaps

Sophisticated root cause analysis tools

From supply chain bottlenecks, to errant diagnostic trees, get to the root of systematic issues impacting your service chain operational and financial outcomes

  • Catch emerging performance trends with advanced part chain analytics
  • Drive continuous process improvement with sophisticated root cause analytics and diagnostic control towers.
  • Use closed-loop tracking of supply chain actions and get effective recommendations on corrective measures and strategies for recovery

Track supplier performance over time

Data-driven inventory planning

SpareX enables service parts planners to control supplier performance and execute well-informed stocking and sourcing strategies based on accurate, up to date information on supplier lead times and reliability.

  • Leverage supplier performance and lead time analytics across commodities, regions and life cycle stages for effective spare parts planning
  • Benchmark the performance of suppliers across the service supply network over time and versus each other
  • Enhance supplier collaboration to ensure service supply chain health and accelerate outcomes