Service Lifecycle 360

Optimize the service parts supply chain across the product lifecycle

With Entercoms Service Lifecycle 360, supply chain managers, commodity managers and procurement teams can optimize spare parts availability based on customer SLAs across the global supply chain, while optimizing inventory across NPI, Sustaining and End of Life stages of the product life-cycle.

Reduce customer pain by improving spare part availability

Connect data across enterprise silos

Data consolidation and master data management expertise

Entercoms’ system-agnostic data modeling framework enables enterprises to seamlessly connect data across service parts, contracts, install base, field labor and diagnostic procedures. We unlock data across functional and regional silos to enable powerful analytics that deliver actionable business insights.

  • Consolidate data across disparate silos and systems such as PTC/ServigisticsTM, SAPTM, OracleTM or any other set of ad-hoc data sources in a non-invasive fashion to ensure integrity and consistency
  • Organize and enrich your service chain data to effectively model your service network according to your business needs and terminology
  • Get up and running in 90 days by leveraging our unmatched expertise in master data management and service chain management.

Go from reactive to proactive

Machine Learning driven predictive analytics

Entercoms’ Service Network Control Tower enables system-wide visibility into the key performance metrics, value drivers and cross-functional dependencies across service chain operations.

  • Predictive visibility with advanced analytics that enable proactive decision making to manage inventory health, part lifecycles, returns and repairs, excess and shortage situations and more
  • Optimize inventory accounting for variability, lead time, risk, part chains, and differentiated SLAs, using the Stochastic Lifecycle Inventory Planner (SLIP)
  • Precise and continuous tracking of supply chain metrics with automated root-cause analytics, enabling pre-emptive and corrective actions

Know what you don’t know

Automated root cause analytics and actionable insights

Entercoms's sophisticated data analytics engine enables service chain operators to continuously improve processes and service executions with insights into the root causes behind performance gaps and forecast outliers.

  • Automated root cause analysis into service chain issues, from one-time events and forecast outliers to systemic performance gaps
  • Gain insight into emerging patterns around forecast accuracy, on-time performance, inventory profile and part health for enhanced decision making
  • Leverage automated, proactive alerts that track over 30 parameters tracked for each service part

Transform service executions

Workflow digitization, automation and network synchronization

The Entercoms’ control tower approach to service network management delivers more than just a data dashboard. It provides an integrated platform for planning, process management and end-to-end service chain collaboration.

  • Integrated service planning environment with robust scenario modeling, root cause analysis and predictive analytics, enabling proactive operations management and continuous process improvement
  • Actionable execution recommendations and proactive alerts based on defined business rules with closed-loop tracking and control of supply chain actions
  • Workflow digitization, management and collaboration across demand, supply and field service functions



Supply Chain workflow automation engine that connects every point for comprehensive transaction visibility and synchronized executions


Integrated spare parts planning solution that enables service chain operators to optimize their maintenance spare parts positions


Advanced modeling platform built on state-of-the-art simulation tools that enables service chains to test and optimize their network configuration