A proactive approach to driving new revenue

The Revx module is a digital account planning and opportunity management solution that enables enterprises to drive revenue growth. Revx helps build high conversion sales pipelines by combining data discovery and sophisticated analytics across customer buying behaviors, equipment failure rates, contractual commitments and sales Win/Loss history for deep opportunity visibility.

Identify Sales Revenue Opportunities via Predictive Analytics

Model Customer Revenue Potential

Consolidated Customer Data from across enterprise silos

Revx delivers full visibility into all your customers’ service and parts requirements by connecting data across enterprise silos, consolidating customer assets, install based aging, contract tenure and historical sales performance data.

  • Connect critical customer data across enterprise silos for a 360-degree view of every customer’s asset base, service profile and contract statuses
  • Enable powerful predictive analytics using a wide range of customer data points, from their service and parts sales history to contextual opportunity factors
  • Proactively identify and track warranty and contract expiry, renewal and conversion opportunities across your entire prospect

Discover New Revenue Opportunities

Predictive analytics-based lead identification and scoring

Revx analytics enables sales agents to effectively prioritize high-value and high-conversion opportunities across your enterprise’s prospect-base with sophisticated predictive lead scoring based on key opportunity factors such as demand decline rates, emerging customer segment needs, market trends and growth potential.

  • Leverage a data-driven and proactive approach to opportunity discovery and management with clear insight into open proposal win probabilities
  • Identify service contract upsell, cross-sell and renewal opportunities qualified by historical sales data, SLA requirements and revenue potential
  • Discover part sale opportunities based on a complete view of a customer’s installed asset-base, BOM, spare parts utilization rates

Drive Sales Qualification Effectiveness

Integrated opportunity assessment and feedback mechanisms

Revx captures feedback and tribal knowledge from sales agents and customer account managers, streamlining the sales lead lifecycle while refining its predictive models with contextual data.

  • Digitize sales lead management workflows from end to end
  • Enhance sales lead identification and management using sales agent tribal knowledge and customer feedback