Predict and improve manufacturing on-time delivery performance and backlog recovery

In today’s fast-paced landscape, manufacturers are under intense pressure to efficiently meet On-Time Delivery targets for increasingly complex and rapidly changing sales order schedules. In order to succeed, factory operators need to have clear visibility into their production readiness in order to align their sales order pipeline with the necessary inventory and manufacturing capabilities resulting in the factory’s throughput. Additionally, production policies and strategies need to be supported with effective asset performance management controls and maintenance planning to ensure maximum returns in asset leveraged environments.

Key Priorities

Ensure readiness of production and supply chain performance to meet the needs of the sales order pipeline, while maximizing the utilization and uptime of key production assets

Increasing on time delivery performance, revenue and cashflow
Reducing production backlog
Effective prioritization of supply chain action dictated by current and future customer orders
Inventory cost reduction
Effective preventive and condition-based maintenance strategy
Maximizing uptime of industrial assets and equipment
Increase throughput
On time delivery and inventory projection
Controlling and improving supplier on-time delivery
Increasing revenue and accelerate time-to-cash cycles


Entercoms’ deep domain expertise and service chain management solutions have a proven track record of delivering measurable results.


Increase in shipment value


On Time Delivery rates

<50 days

For On Time Delivery improvements