Manufacturing 360

Drive On-Time Delivery Performance and Revenue Convertibility in a production environment

Entercoms Manufacturing 360 enables factory and production managers in BTO/CTO environments to predict, track and manage on-time delivery performance and revenue targets for multiple production lines. It also enables them to automatically identify the root cause when targets are missed, and drive action by prioritizing orders and supply.

Improving On-Time Delivery (OTD) in a new state of the art factory

Visibility into factory metrics in one place

Connect data for execution insight

Manufacturing 360 aggregates data across enterprise systems to construct a precise and detailed view of manufacturing preparedness in relation to the health of the sales order pipeline.

  • Consolidate siloed data under an integrated manufacturing planning and control system
  • Maintain a complete and detailed view of sales orders, manufacturing work orders and production requirements
  • Gain visibility into production KPIs, performance trends and overall supply chain readiness

Drive proactive action based on insights

Advanced diagnostic and predictive analytics

Built on proprietary analytical models, Manufacturing 360 enables industrial manufacturers to plan their execution with a clear view of their projected impact on business outcomes.

  • Accurately forecast demand and sales orders to proactively shape production readiness
  • Project performance and delivery outcomes of given production parameters and actions
  • Diagnose root causes driving performance gaps and delivery delinquencies with automated traceability

Execute with precision

Dynamic and agile production management

Manufacturing 360 delivers a production planning and management platform that tightly integrates business and operational workflows, enabling manufacturers to take targeted actions that drive high level outcomes.

  • Maintain tight operational oversight and control over key outcome drivers across the supply chain
  • Get the actionable recommendations needed to reconcile demand with production requirements
  • Enable effective demand segmentation, work order prioritization, production scheduling and optimized stocking strategies to accelerate outcomes