Synchronize your supply chain for agile, controlled and confident execution

Entercoms LynX enables companies to create truly connected supply chains, across every workflow, transaction and trading partner. It is a workflow management engine that provides every player in the network with the real-time visibility needed to drive dynamic and proactive agility.

Reducing customer escalations with improved transaction coordination across the network

Bridge the gaps in the stack

Network-wide transactional and workflow connections

LynX connects every point in your supply chain, providing players across the network with clear visibility into the status of all orders, transactions and workflow activities

  • Non-intrusive and IT-friendly connections across transactional systems, data and workflows throughout the network
  • Connect systems, functions and trading partners to enable 2-way visibility and coordination
  • Unified visibility into the status of orders and transactions across the network using a single interface

Know it before it happens

Monitor and manage transactions across partners, customers and suppliers

With comprehensive transaction visibility across the network, LynX enables every function within the supply chain to move to a more proactive position in managing their operational outcomes.

  • Comprehensive real-time tracking of transactions, activities, performance metrics, alerts and updates across the network
  • Predictive alerts of emerging supply chain events and issues with data-driven intelligence into their potential impact
  • Real-time monitoring and control of supply chain performance for responsive tactical executions

Synchronize supply chain execution

Workflow coordination, automation and acceleration

LynX enables organizations to synchronize every transaction across their supply chain by providing them with a collaborative platform for agile work management.

  • Take actions and track their execution using LynX for deep and transparent control at the transaction-level across the supply chain
  • Drive efficient execution with digital automation, enhanced decision support, intelligent alerts and streamlined transaction management
  • Accelerate business outcomes with a stable and controlled supply chain that delivers exceptional customer experience