Drive cost-effective support for high tech devices with life cycles measured in months and service cycles spanning years

Service chains for high tech devices (mobility, computing, point of sale, and data centers) are faced with the difficult task of supporting an ever expanding range of product lines with short life cycles and intricate service demands. Balancing service costs and readiness can prove challenging due to unpredictable and competing demand, rapidly changing part configurations and poor visibility and control mechanisms for the end-to-end service environment. This often results in NPI supply shortages and unchecked E&O inventory growth that not only impact operating costs but customer satisfaction as well.

Key Priorities

Balance high customer service expectations and the cost to deliver it.

Forecast accuracy during NPI and End of Life stages
Optimizing part availability while reducing E&O inventory
Rapid and ever-changing part configurations
Returns and component forecasting
Cost to serve
Customer Service Effectiveness
Warranty entitlements and liabilities
Demanding service response times
Diagnostic effectiveness and first time fix rate
Unplanned downtime


Entercoms’s deep domain expertise and service chain management solutions have a proven track record of delivering measurable results to service supply chains across verticals.


Reduction in spares to asset ratio


In auditable cost savings


Reduction in new buy budget