Are you getting the most from your finished goods supply chain?

Many companies struggle with balancing on time delivery and inventory objectives, building up too much inventory on the products that customers don’t want to buy, but running short of the items that their customers want to buy. Let Entercoms help you run your finished goods planning operation as a service and deliver outcomes through the use of Process Control Towers and AI based planning solutions

Processes covered

Life cycle forecasting
Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)(including demand shaping)
Stocking strategy optimization
Inventory & replenishment
Supply management
Sales order management
Root cause analytics / Closed loop corrective action
Returns and refurbishment


Finished Goods Planning as a Service solution has three key ingredients:



Achieve control and consistency of your finished goods planning process

We deliver this with our finished goods planning process control tower that helps you get end to end visibility, identify process outliers and deliver prescriptive and predictive insights.

Transform your finished goods planning process

We deliver this with our accelerator that leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and proprietary algorithms coupled with scenario modeling and sensitivity analysis.

Finished goods planning expert advice

Leverage our planning experts to define your planning strategy and help continuously improve your planning process.


Faster/better outcomes

Our clients experience rapid improvements (within 90 days) to their business outcome KPIs (e.g.: On time delivery, Inventory turns/days of supply, Premium transportation or Expedite cost and many more) much faster and at a lower cost than if they did the work internally.

Process consistency and efficiency

We drive greater consistency and visibility across supply chain processes for the client.

Cross-industry expertise

We provide an expert layer and an execution layer (where needed) consisting of talent pools that have cross-industry expertise and have gone through structured training and on-boarding.

Optimized resource pool

Shared resources across multiple clients provide a higher knowledge base and cost optimization compared to what the clients can achieve on their own.

Non-disruptive engagement

Our BPaaS model minimizes the impact to our client’s current IT infrastructure since we are data agnostic (data can come from any type of system, spreadsheets and even hand-written documents) with flexible integration options.

Supply chain visibility and single source of truth

Our process control towers present a single source of truth for supply chain processes, priorities, root causes, exceptions, etc., improving productivity and decision quality. We reduce internal silos that impede collaboration across functions and geographies.


We’re more agile and adaptive to the changing needs of the business, and are able to incorporate business rules much faster into our environment as compared to the speed of internal IT teams supporting the supply chain function.

Business outcomes

  • Improved CSAT by delivering according to customer promise date
  • Optimized inventory levels
  • Increased service revenue
  • Higher forecast accuracy
  • Predictive visibility
  • Increased planner productivity
  • Process automation
  • Globally consistent process
  • Optimized return and repair loop
  • Closed loop corrective action process for continuous improvement

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Improved customer experience by delivering to On-Time In Full (OTIF) goals