Meet on-time targets while maximizing revenue convertibility. Consistently.

Managing factory performance in a dynamic BTO/CTO environment requires constantly balancing the need for on-time delivery, revenue convertibility, and capacity optimization. Entercoms gives factory managers a live, predictive view of factory performance, empowering them to make decisions with confidence to achieve their on-time delivery and revenue goals.

Key Priorities

Maximize manufacturing readiness, optimize production plans to meet current demand and reduce backlog and delivery delinquency.

Effective PO and WO prioritization based on production readiness
Accurate demand forecasting and segmentation
Increasing on time delivery rates
Reduction of delinquent POs and production backlog
Maximizing uptime and reliability of industrial assets and equipment
Effective preventive and condition-based maintenance strategy


Entercoms’s deep domain expertise and service chain management solutions have a proven track record of delivering measurable results to service chains across verticals.


Increase in shipment value


On time delivery rates