Know your service customers. Build trust. Increase revenue.

Building long term customer stickiness requires knowing your customer better – through data. Frequently it requires giving visibility to your customer of your service readiness and performance. Precise insights quickly lead to service contract renewals, and increase service revenue. Entercoms can start with highly disparate data and give you and your customers the exact insight needed to drive immediate outcomes and long term stickiness.

Key Priorities

Achieve a unified, SLA-centric view of service customers and identify potential new revenue opportunities across their base.

Customer SLA compliance service and KPI improvement
Proactive customer escalation management and reduction
Warranty/contract renewals and upgrades
Customer/service contract pricing and profitability
Service contract upsell and new revenue identification
Parts life cycle management and storeroom optimization


Entercoms’s deep domain expertise and service chain management solutions have a proven track record of delivering measurable results to service chains across verticals.


Increase in proactive identification of expiring contracts


Increase in account manager productivity


Increase in revenue from asset recovery