A radical new approach to managed services

Entercoms’s Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) engagement model redefines managed services, delivering outcome-driven business process transformation beyond conventional SaaS and outsourcing services by leveraging cloud-based technology and unrivaled domain expertise


True business process enablement measured by outcomes and results


Sophisticated analytics and workflow automation solutions delivered via the cloud


Optionally supported by a team of domain experts to accelerate outcomes

BPaaS according to


Our Outcomes-First Philosophy

Our BPaaS engagement model puts business outcomes first, leveraging technology and expertise to augment your processes and systems to drive results.

Outcomes Ownership

We deliver business outcomes, not the underlying technology

Fast Time to Results

Achieve measurable business results within the first quarter of our engagement

Adaptive to your Enterprise

We complement your existing systems and processes rather than replace them

Connecting your service chain from end-to-end

Good decisions depend on great data. At the foundation of our engagement model is a connection-driven focus that integrates data across the entire service chain for true outcome enablement.


Build accurate, unified master data models with consolidated data across the service chain
  • Master & Transactional data
  • Condition-based data
  • Contract & customer data
  • Metrics & performance data


Tear down organizational silos and reconcile data to the needs of business users
  • Data consolidation across repositories
  • Data agnostic approach
  • Analytics support across workflows
  • Decision-making & outcome traceability

Service Chain

Connect data across the worlds of parts, services, assets and customer management
  • Installed base & product master data
  • Engineering requirements & Service BOM
  • Supplier master data
  • Entitlement configuration

WHY Entercoms?

Our Integrated Service Planning (ISP) Framework

We drive BPaaS forward in service by connecting the dots across service network functions. Our proven framework transforms your business outcomes across diagnostics, field technicians, supply chain, account management and service offerings.

Connect Data

  • Capture asset data to gain full visibility into customer service contract statuses, SLAs, engineering requirements and as -built and maintained BOMs
  • Link assets to customer demand and orchestrate the flow of demand and supply end to end using collaborative tools and processes to generate best possible forecast

Reveal Insights

  • Achieve a unified source of truth to understand performance and prescribe real-time actions to improve financial and customer experience outcomes
  • Monitor and measure service strategy’s effectiveness with automated root cause analytics and KPI correlation across functions to set the right targets

Transform your Business

  • Accelerate service performance with analysis driven execution and deep control over the key levers of value end to end
  • Enable fast and accurate decision making in a rapidly changing world


By combining our ISP 360 products with our BPaaS offering, we enable enterprises to
drive total service chain transformation.