From the assets driving millions of dollars in throughput, powering cities and save lives – keep all your assets up and running

Due to the high cost of downtime in asset-intensive industries, service chains are under significant pressure to ensure uninterrupted asset uptime across all operational sites. However, meeting these demanding uptime requirements in a cost-efficient manner can prove challenging in the face of complex failure patterns, the proliferation of asset configurations, geographically dispersed operations and long lead times of repairs/refurbishments, new buys and recertifications.

Key Priorities

Ensure readiness of production and supply chain performance to meet the needs of the sales order pipeline, while maximizing the utilization and uptime of key production assets

Maximize uptime and utilization
Optimally manage reactive, preventive and condition-based maintenance strategies
Ensure availability of spare assets and spare parts
Effectively leverage parts’ interchangeability
Proactively identify and react to emerging failure patterns
Effective assets’ and parts’ configuration management


Entercoms’ deep domain expertise and service chain management solutions have a proven track record of delivering measurable results.


Reduction in spares to asset ratio


In auditable cost savings


Reduction in new buy budget