Asset 360

Understand asset failure patterns. Ensure spare parts availability for predictive and preventive maintenance

With Asset 360, asset managers and reliability engineers can track and manage all their spare parts needs to support predictive and preventive maintenance. Asset 360 can also track your asset installed base, forecast failure probabilities, and optimize spare parts across the global network.

Spares optimization for offshore operations in the Oil & Gas industry

Connect installed base, asset and service data

Global asset and service network visibility

Asset 360 unlocks and connects master, operational and condition data from across enterprise silos to build a comprehensive asset-centric model of the service chain.

  • Consolidate install base and service network data across systems for an end-to-end model of your service operations
  • Measure service chain readiness with aggregated data on inventory positions, purchase orders, lead times and sourcing alternatives
  • Get current information the status of work orders and service requests

Forecast asset failures and spare parts needs

Advanced data modeling and predictive analytics

Asset 360’s analytics engine delivers the predictive visibility into asset failure trends, parts availability risks and service requirements needed to formulate effective responses.

  • Leverage multi-level failure analytics to drive predictive maintenance planning
  • Employ robust parts and service forecasting analytics to manage demand and optimize supply
  • Proactively manage service readiness with backlog prediction and inventory projections

Manage spare parts inventory

Actionable recommendations and workflow automation

Asset 360 enables more proactive and agile asset performance management with responsive action recommendations across work orders, parts availability, sourcing, and stocking strategies.

  • Evaluate work orders with full visibility into part availability status, supplier readiness and sourcing alternatives
  • Get recommendations on work order prioritization to optimize preparedness for service events
  • Receive proactive alerts of changes in part availability and their impact on work orders