Simulate and analyze service investments and customer impacts with a data-driven approach

Entercoms’s AnalytiX is a sophisticated modeling platform built on state-of-the-art simulation tools that enables service chains to test multiple scenarios, validate and optimize their network configuration to meet their targeted service levels at the ideal cost to serve. AnalytiX delivers the simulation capabilities necessary to set the right strategy for your service network.

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Accurately forecast demand

Advanced predictive analytics

AnalytiX delivers the predictive insights that enables planners to stay ahead of part demand changes and make well-informed inventory decisions.

  • Instant visibility into part demand changes supported by actionable recommendations to strengthen inventory positions
  • Demand outlier identification with built in mechanisms for forecast accuracy review and management
  • Enable responsive corrective action for systemic service chain performance issues

Manage Service Investment

End-to-end service network simulation

AnalytiX enables planners to simulate the entire service network to gain a better understanding of the inventory investment requirements needed to achieve desired service outcomes.

  • Enable data-driven service planning with advanced network simulation capabilities
  • Identify optimum inventory investment levels needed to meet service level requirements
  • Configure and simulate multiple scenarios to determine the best strategic network policy

Optimize Network Design

Service network configuration modeling and scenario testing

By constructing a data model of your service network, AnalytiX’s simulation capabilities enables planners to systematically determine the optimal network configuration necessary to support customer SLA's and measure the impact of changes to the network.

  • Use network stocking simulation to identify optimal strategies needed to meet the SLAs of the installed base in a geographic area
  • Validate network design and test the impact of other network configurations on SLA fulfillment
  • Test and measure the effect of network changes on cost, inventory and service levels