Service Parts Management

Drive parts’ fulfillment and lifecycle planning control by leveraging predictive analytics and innovative supply chain modeling to build a single source of truth and insights for operational data.


Stocking spare parts inventory to cover service needs over dynamic product lifecycles carries significant risk of financial exposure from excess and obsolescence, as well as customer risks from missed service level agreements. Capability challenges that commonly prevent companies from optimally managing spare parts demand, inventory and supply include:

Supply chain visibility across the service network

Predicting lifecycles of in-warranty and out-of-warranty demand

Optimizing inventory across the service network

Synchronizing new buys, returns and repair

Predicting stock-outs and preventing excess inventory growth

What We Deliver

Entercoms Service Parts Management service leverages deep domain expertise and advanced analytical applications, such as machine learning and proactive alerts, to help you transform your service parts supply chain. Our deep cross-industry expertise, intimate knowledge of data sources and proven analytical models give you unique insights and actionable intelligence to optimize your service supply chain. We drive immediate value within the first 90 days of working together.

System-wide Spare Parts Visibility

Visibility across functional and regional silos across the service parts supply chain

Supply Chain Analytics and Control

Optimize and control supply chain metrics throughout the service lifecycle

Forecast Accuracy and Inventory Optimization

Predict parts usage and returns more accurately while optimizing lifecycle inventory

Part Health Monitoring

Management of part health across the lifecycle through actionable insights


Entercoms empowers companies to attain bottom line results quickly, often driving benefits within the first 90 days of the engagement. Examples of significant results achieved:

  • Improved part availability by over 15% in 3 months with no additional inventory investment
  • Critical parts shortages reduced by 37% within one quarter
  • Executive escalations reduced by over 75%
  • Global spare parts inventory reduction of over $200 Million over a 2-year engagement
  • Forecast accuracy during New Product Introduction and End of Life stages of the product life cycle improved by an average of 43%
  • Over 35% reduction in lead time variability from suppliers, leading to reduced safety stocks
  • Over 40% increase in inventory turns within the first year of engagement


Data Management

  • Entercoms MDMDQ -- Connect service parts data across silos
  • Organize and enrich the data to make it ready for powerful analytics
  • Track and report data issues and gaps


  • Entercoms REFLEX – Service chain modeling and analytics
  • Entercoms SONAR – Supply chain projection & simulation
  • Entercoms Inventory optimization
  • Part Chain Analytics
  • Automated Root Cause Analytics

Control Tower

  • Data and analytics web-based portal
  • Role based security and authorization
  • Alerting and messaging
  • Action tracking and monitoring

Planning & Execution

  • Managed services for spare parts planning
  • Advanced planning support
  • Liability and exposure analytics
  • Execution services
  • Custom analytics

Engagement Levels

Our managed services and solutions drive your business's outcomes in our three impact areas of focus.


Entercoms' deep domain expertise covers various service supply chain models across multiple industries.

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