Field Service & Support

Improve performance of your field operations and remote support network, applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to get actionable direction for continued efficiency improvement.


Field operations managers and service providers must effectively fulfill current field service requirements while acquiring clear insights on the drivers of service events to detect costly and avoidable operations. Pressed by increasingly demanding response times under complex entitlement structures, managers must balance service satisfaction with the ongoing drive to minimize the total cost to serve, and eventually avoid the need to open a service ticket altogether. Specific challenges include:

Short service response times

Accurate service diagnosis

Field engineer deployment avoidance

Leveraging knowledge collected in field

Inability to stockpile human resource capacity

What We Deliver

Entercoms cloud based offerings empower field service operations to make insightful decisions that are context-specific and based on evidence, reducing cost-to-serve while meeting the contracted customer experience.

Perfect Service Response

Streamlining the service event journey to sustainably achieve an effective delivery of field service demand

Failure and Diagnostics Analytics

Increasing the speed and accuracy of failure forecasting and diagnosis.

"Move Left" Analytics

Reducing the cost-to-serve by leveraging service and installed base data towards the reduction or elimination of costly, avoidable human interventions.

Field Capacity Planning

Optimizing the design of the field service capacity to balance labor and penalty costs.


Entercoms Field Operations enable the fulfillment of service contract commitments while minimizing total cost to serve. Examples of significant results achieved:

  • 37% reduction in Repeat Dispatch Rates.
  • 34% improvement in field service forecast accuracy.
  • 15% of customer support services “shifted left” from phone support to web services.
  • Root cause identification of No Defect Found.
  • Field event profiling.


Centralized Control Platform

  • Data Quality
  • Data Connection
  • Global Visibility

Robust Analytics

  • Rules-based Health and Impact Assessment
  • Context and Installed-base adjusted Analytics
  • Configurable Scenario Design and Analysis

Proactive Planning

  • Integrated Workflow Methodology
  • Machine learning & trigger-based Alerts
  • Actionable Recommendations

Executive Decision Enablement

  • Driven by outcome targets & constraints
  • Long-term visibility and budget planning
  • Verifiable results

Engagement Levels

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