Customer 360

Achieve 360-degree visibility of your customers and overall installed base to reduce risk, proactively accelerate revenue and margin and deliver truly responsive service in today’s digital age.


Data related to service customers resides in several systems and silos, limiting the business-wide insights which only emerge from connecting the installed base configuration, commercial data and service performance. Most companies lack the alignment of data governance, management, and analytic capabilities needed to construct a holistic 360-degree view of a customer. Specific challenges include:

Lack of visibility to performance metrics by customer

Customer names and hierarchies are inconsistent across systems

Inability to discover new revenue opportunities by customer

Customer account managers spend excessive time organizing data

Cannot compare and learn from service performance across customers and industries

What We Deliver

Entercoms Customer 360 consolidates and integrates customer information across multiple enterprise silos, transforming data into a true 360-degree view of a customer. This allows you to be predictive when delivering insights to improve performance challenges and accelerate revenue and margin growth, going well beyond the capabilities of conventional BI and CRM tools.

Visibility To Performance Metrics By Customer

Visibility of critical service performance metrics across customers, regions and product lines

Discovery of Revenue and Cost Optimization Opportunities

Track assets with contracts near expiry and alert managers to possible actions

Installed Base Visibility and Intelligence

Create a complete picture of the installed base by correlating information across several data sources


Compare customers and industries against each other to understand performance gaps and improve overall service performance


Entercoms enables companies to attain bottom line results quickly, often driving benefits within the same quarter in which we engage. Examples of benefits achieved:

  • Visibility to service performance by critical customers
  • Identification of contract renewal opportunities
  • Increase customer account manager productivity
  • Increased customer stickiness
  • Service process and metrics improvement


Data Management

  • Entercoms MDMDQ -- Connect customer support data across silos
  • Customer name and hierarchy mapping
  • Contract hierarchy mapping
  • Organize and enrich the data to make it ready for powerful analytics
  • Track and report data issues and gaps


  • Installed base analytics
  • Configurable performance metrics
  • Contract and revenue opportunity analytics
  • Comparative analytics

Control Tower

  • Data and analytics web-based portal
  • Role based security and authorization
  • Alerting and messaging
  • Action tracking and monitoring

Planning & Execution

  • Managed services for customer network management
  • Advanced planning support
  • Liability and exposure analytics
  • Execution services
  • Custom analytics

Engagement Levels

Our managed services and solutions drive your business's outcomes in our three impact areas of focus.


Entercoms' deep domain expertise covers various service supply chain models across multiple industries.

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