Asset Optimization

Achieve operational excellence & financial optimization in asset-intensive businesses by integrating IoT data and maintenance schedules for a proactive asset uptime management; solutions for Asset Operators, OEMs and MRO providers.


Asset-intensive businesses are faced with the difficult task of balancing their cost structure in an enterprise built around high value assets with massive downtime costs. Between the high cost of uptime preparedness and the complexity of crucial assets, businesses are hard-pressed to strike a balance between their operational and financial outcomes. Specific challenges include:

Downtime Cost

Data Quality

Failure forecasting with accuracy

Maintenance scheduling

Complex global footprint of assets

What We Deliver

Entercoms cloud based offering empowers operators, OEMs and MRO providers to make well-informed, risk-aware decisions that efficiently maximize the uptime of their asset installed base.

Integrated Service Data

Structuring and connecting data across the service chain for advanced analytics and insights.

Spares Planning

Optimized global spares inventory and uptime performance through predictive analytics and advanced planning.

Asset Analytics

Leveraging connected data to drive analytics across the asset installed base to create business insights.

Service Chain Collaboration

Connecting Asset Operators, Maintenance & Repair providers, OEMs and Vendors to synchronize the digital service chain.


Entercoms Asset Optimization enables asset-intensive businesses to achieve greater levels of operational efficiency and maximize their financial outcomes. Examples of significant results achieved:

  • Spares to Asset ratio reduction from 0.8 to 0.3
  • Over 20% reduction in new buy budget
  • Quick path to zero unplanned downtime
  • Over 30% reduction in spare parts inventory
  • 4 months reduction on annualized basis of budget process
  • 65% improvement in data accuracy
  • Reduction in days of required maintenance
  • Optimized information and risk sharing across the service chain


Centralized Control Platform

  • Data Quality
  • Data Connection
  • Global Visibility

Dynamic Analytics

  • Rules-based health and impact assessment
  • Configurable Scenario Design and Analysis
  • Multi-year Plan of Record

Track, Plan & Execute

  • Centralized Planning Methodology
  • Machine learning and outcome-based Alerts
  • Actionable Recommendations

Executive Decision Enablement

  • Driven by outcome targets & constraints
  • Long-term visibility and budget planning
  • Verifiable results

Engagement Levels

Our managed services and solutions drive your business's outcomes in our three impact areas of focus.


Entercoms' deep domain expertise covers various service supply chain models across multiple industries.

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