Industrial & Automotive

Durable assets – ranging from heavy machinery, aerospace and defense equipment, to locomotives and cars – need to be effectively managed over long periods, with life-cycle dependent behaviors, inventory risks, and high costs to serve, all in the face of increasingly demanding service quality and contract compliance.

Industry Trends

What emerging and ongoing trends may impact the industrial and automotive service chain?

Increasingly efficient access to asset performance telematics & IoT data

Rising average age of equipment, vehicles & other industrial goods

Larger number of derivative models per automotive platform

Growing penetration of spare parts availability via e-channels

3D printing

New technologies expansion (e.g., hybrid, electric powertrains)

Industry Challenges

Which systemic elements of the industrial and automotive service chain drive behavior, raise complexity and put performance targets at risk?

  • High costs of asset downtime
  • Accurate failure-forecasting over life cycle
  • Efficient availability of material and skilled-labor
  • Variations in service time and quality
  • Visibility and control of the installed base
  • Timing and sourcing of inventory investments

Entercoms Capabilities

Entercoms' deep industry expertise leverages its differentiated technology, services and analytical applications, to identify, drive and control the levers that will enable your service chain’s operational and financial targets. Entercoms' specific capabilities for the Industrial and Automotive industry include:

  • SLA- or Budget-driven inventory optimization
  • First time fix & parts usage diagnostic analytics
  • Predictive material usage
  • Predictive and prescriptive use of telematics & IoT data intelligence
  • Last time buy & stop repair prescriptive analytics
  • Product and part configuration management
  • Visibility & maintenance of installed base configuration
  • Descriptive & multi-layered contract/customers’ analytics


Our proprietary technology and solutions are built to address the key challenges of your service chains.

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