Whether it’s heavy computing systems for massive data centers or consumer electronics and mobile devices for individual users, the short product life cycles in high tech drive rapid SKU explosions with continuously updated part relationships. This, along with the industry’s low operating margins, despite high service expectations, stresses the need for reliable visibility and analytics-driven control of the service chain to make advanced planning methodologies effective in reaching organizational targets.

Industry Trends

What emerging and ongoing trends may impact the hi-tech service chain?

Increasing connectedness of consumer electronics

Stricter collection & disposal regulations

Shorter cycles for disruptive innovations

Drones’ logistics applications

Integration of virtual & augmented reality devices

Increasing uptime and availability demands – at lower costs

Industry Challenges

Which systemic elements of the hi-tech service chain drive behavior, raise complexity and put performance targets at risk?

  • Warranty entitlements and contract liabilities
  • Accurate returns and components forecasting
  • Part configurations continuously changing
  • “New buy to repair” ratio management
  • Remote diagnosis effectiveness
  • Timing and sourcing of inventory investments
  • Competition for NPI supply with manufacturing

Entercoms Capabilities

Entercoms' deep industry expertise leverages its differentiated technology, services and analytical applications, to identify, drive and control the levers that will enable your service chain’s operational and financial targets. Entercoms' specific capabilities for the Hi-Tech industry include:

  • Parts Configuration Management
  • Predictive returns and components forecasting
  • Usage rate maintenance and diagnostic analytics
  • No Fault Found and logistics spend analytics
  • SLA or Budget-driven inventory optimization
  • Last Time Buy & Stop Repair prescriptive analytics
  • Descriptive and diagnostic sourcing analytics
  • Descriptive & multi-layered contract/customers’ analytics


Our proprietary technology and solutions are built to address the key challenges of your service chains.

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