Whether it is managing remote oil rigs or energy utilities equipment, the high operating leverage cost of the energy industry puts huge pressures on the service chain to maintain asset availability at extremely high levels, while having to absorb the budget cuts triggered by the current economic landscape.

Industry Trends

What emerging disruptions may impact the energy aftermarket?

Growing environmental concerns & regulations

International agreements to minimize fossil fuels

Increasing focus on energy efficiency

IoT applications for remote monitoring

Drone applications for remote sites inspections

Increasing pressure to cut service budgets

Industry Challenges

Which systemic elements of the energy service chain drive behavior, raise complexity and put performance targets at risk?

  • Huge costs of asset downtime
  • Need for efficient redundancy
  • Growing cost-cutting and safety measures
  • Global maintenance and certifications sequencing
  • Spare units certification and shelf life
  • Integrated asset data and business rules

Entercoms Capabilities

Entercoms' deep industry expertise leverages its differentiated technology, services and analytical applications, to identify, drive and control the levers that will enable your service chain’s operational and financial targets. Entercoms' specific capabilities for the Energy industry include:

  • Budget-based planning
  • Alternative scenario analysis
  • New buys avoidance
  • Part configuration opportunity detection
  • Failure rate analytics
  • Service chain collaborative planning
  • Predictive and prescriptive use of telematics & IoT data intelligence
  • Long-term visibility of asset service life


Our proprietary technology and solutions are built to address the key challenges of your service chains.

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